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Day 16

September 20, 2008

19th Sept 08:

We are now proceeding towards Malavalli. On the way, we interacted with students of a D.Ed College and Morarji Desai Residential School. At lunch time (in a village called Pandithahalli), we had a long discussion on the history of the organization. Shivappa, a student of the 2nd batch of VTCL fondly remembered his early days in VTCL and how his life was shaped by SVYM….We retired for the night at the Boys’ Home, a local Christian charity. The facilities, especially the toilets, were a god-send.

Feeling very disturbed at the scale of corruption today. The road that we had walked the last 30 km was a National Highway, but a disgrace to even be called a road. Road-side selling of neera, sand mining despite a ban and poor roads are all manifestations of a crumbling and corrupt system.

I know, that in today’s context, curbing corruption is easier said than done…

– Balu

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