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India traumatized!

November 29, 2008

The last 3 days have been extremely difficult days for the whole country. A handful of misguided youth have held the nation to ransom. How long will India have to bear with this kind of violence and hatred? Why does not man realise that love for one’s religion or country does not have to be expressed as hatred for other religions and countries. A nation which could boast of people like Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi has made what they stood for completely irrelevant. Young men who looked to be in their twenties have not just created mayhem and terror but have shaken the collective conscience of this country. Today, there is such a united voice against this menace and a call for the political leadership to bury their petty differences and join hands in tackling this issue. It is now time for each Indian to join hands irrespective of his/her religious affiliation or political ideology. We can no longer be mute spectators to this negative force pulling down our progress and claiming innocent lives. We need to show our commitment towards resolving disputes and differences through constitutional and non-violent means. We attained our freedom through non-violence. Let us not lose our freedom today to this senseless violence. Let us all join hands in saluting the men in uniform who lost their lives fighting these terrorists. Let us pray the almighty to give strength to the families of the hundreds of men and women who lost their lives. Let us also pray the almighty to put some much needed sense into our politicians and governments!

– Balu

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