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My investigation to uncover corruption in PDS

August 2, 2011

The Hon’ble Lok Ayukta of Karnataka had asked me in Sept 2010 to investigate the irregularities and corruption in Karnataka’s Public Distribution System (PDS). My investigation was spread over 10 months, and had used a multi-faceted approach to uncover corruption in the various forms at different levels. The methods used included:

  • Literature review
  • Review of Government’s computerized data
  • Independent household survey across the State
  • Systems survey of Fair Price Shops and Wholesalers
  • Field Investigation
  • Meetings with officials of the Department
  • Engagement with beneficiary community and civil-society groups

Apart from looking into the number of ration cards and the losses incurred, my investigation also assessed the functioning of the Fair Price Shops across the State. I have also made specific recommendations on plugging the exact points of leakage in the system.

I had submitted the report to the Lok Ayukta recently. Here’s a news report in ‘The Hindu’ on the same: Lokayukta exposes mismanagement, leakage in Public Distribution System


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