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An update on ‘Mysore Against Corruption’

September 15, 2011

It is now exactly a month since concerned and socially conscious citizens of Mysore came together to collectively fight the scourge of corruption. Building on the emotional response that Anna’s fast created, we decided to take the movement forward and take it to the next level. In an attempt to make it a more enlightened campaign, volunteers spanned across the city of Mysore and started engaging the people and educated them on the issues of corruption that we are facing as a city and on how they could join the movement. The volunteers also explained the contents of the Government’s Lokpal Bill and the differences with the bill that the civil society was demanding. We also brought out a Position Paper explaining our stand, our future course of action and what we proposed to do in the district of Mysore.

Since then, we have been continuing our campaign by forming small groups and going house to house. We have also started engaging directly with the youth and students of different colleges and addressing them regarding this issue. We are also slowly creating a structure on which all these activities would be piggy-backed. We have also begun visiting Government offices and are educating both the Government personnel and the general public interacting with them on committing themselves to neither taking nor giving a bribe.

The response till date has been very encouraging. We have a large number of volunteers joining us in this campaign and are also building a database of people who are willing to join us.

Come, be a part of the movement that is trying to make Mysore district corruption-free. Send a sms to 9742020970 to register yourself as a volunteer.


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