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Fillip to the RTI movement in HD Kote

December 4, 2012


Today was indeed a special day. I had been to H.D.Kote to inaugurate the Jagruthi Vedike, a Community Based Organization of young men and women who had come together to spread the message and use of the Right to Information (RTI) Act. These were rural people who had been trained by the dedicated team of SVYM led by Poshini in using the RTI as a tool to fight corruption, to ensure that people get their entitlements and to usher in a new development paradigm. They have come from tens of villages with the desire to participate in our evolving democracy. They are not only asking questions, but are also training and empowering other fellow villagers in using the RTI as a ‘Development Instrument’.

It was a pleasure to see these people share their stories with me – stories of courage and conviction. These people are an inspired lot who believe that they can be harbingers of change. It was refreshing to see them so positive, which was very different from the urban youth that I also meet with. These are young people who not only believe that they can build a better nation, but are actively participating in this change. Godspeed to them all…


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