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An announcement, with an appeal

January 29, 2015

I am happy and excited to write about an upcoming book that I am authoring. Tentatively titled I, the Citizen, the book is based on articles on development and citizen engagement that I have posted on this blog, edited to present reflections and perspectives on development from the point of view of an engaged citizen.

Divided into sections, the volume covers a range of topics from development perspectives and lessons learned from the indigenous communities in South India to development policy at a macro level, from personal and emotional reflections on ground realities to reason and evidence based perspectives on policy. The sections and the articles within the sections flow into each other giving the reader a sense of continuity of thoughts and issues, and yet a look at the broad spectrum of perspectives. Importantly, the belief, experience and the power of citizen engagement reverberates through the articles and the sections giving us the hope and conviction that common people can indeed make a difference.

GRAAM would be the primary publisher of this book. A unique feature of this endeavour is that we are hoping to crowd source the financial resources needed for producing and distributing the book along with good wishes and moral support of our well wishers.

I am absolutely sure of your support in this venture too and am hoping that you will make a generous contribution to enable the book to see the light of the day. For your reference, here’s the book proposal that details the sections containing the articles. Do feel free to write to me for more details or clarifications.

Thanking you, and with the best of my regards


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