Release of my next book, ‘Voices from the Grassroots’

I am happy to inform that my next book, ‘Voices from the Grassroots’ will be released on the 1st of August in Bengaluru.  The invitation for the same is below.  Inviting all friends and well wishers to attend the same.


About the book:

Voices from the Grassroots is a collection of stories and reflections that captures the pulse of the commonest people, whose diverse contexts, aspirations and struggles make up the social landscape of the Indian subcontinent. The book takes the reader through myriad real-life experiences of the author and portraits of people in the pursuit of identifying hidden voices – of hope, compassion, wisdom, frustration, of coping with adversity and desire for change; voices that the reader would resonate with, and yet acknowledge that they are often lost and unheeded.

How young Appiraja’s meal puts our education system in perspective, how Kempaiah’s wisdom lets us find meaning in an otherwise luckless venture or how Madi’s cries tug at our heart and show how much there is to do; there are anecdotes that everybody committed to the cause of inclusive development and citizenship will connect to. The book ultimately leaves the readers with humility to listen to ‘voices’ of the people and perhaps find their own too.

Voices from the Grassroots invitation

Author: Balu

A development activist, public policy advocate, social innovator and leadership trainer

One thought on “Release of my next book, ‘Voices from the Grassroots’”

  1. Voice is a word with layers of latent meaning. To be able to ‘listen to a voice’ in the truest sense requires that there is first an inner articulation of thoughts and feelings, that there is a socio-politically and culturally enabling environment which allows that articulation to be aired, say through words, and then that the listener is able to go beyond the words and connect to that inner articulation of the other. Further to this, one needs to make the distinction between voice of concern, voice of need, voice of unscrupulous authority, voice of reason and so on.

    Voice is a right, and while different constitutions, charters and legislations have ensured that the freedom of expression is an uncompromisable right and a non-negotiable component of civil liberties, the right to voice has deep subtleties that perhaps cannot really be described in words. Voice begins from the heart and is an inseparable part of being. To understand voice, it requires the heart and the intellect to work in unison and ultimately, we can truly listen to the other when we connect to their hearts. It takes all our senses to listen to voices – of others and of our own – and make them one and harmonious.

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