Hosa Kanasu – 58

Here’s the 58th installment of ‘Hosa Kanasu’, my fortnightly column in Prajavani: 04 Jun 2013

Writing a column can be very engaging and absorbing. I have enjoyed writing the ‘Hosa Kanasu’ column for Prajavani. Every alternate Tuesday, i would get phone calls and emails appreciating my articles and sometimes criticizing them. I found the readers of Prajavani very engaged. I began to be known more as a Prajavani columnist than as the founder of SVYM. But over the years, i started finding that i was feeling the pressure of meeting deadlines and saw my creative energies waning. The joy of writing was getting replaced by the satisfaction of having met the deadline. This was a signal for me to pause, rethink and decide whether it was fair to continue writing this column. It is indeed difficult to step away from the visibility and glamour of writing a column on the edit page of a reputed news daily. But then, i felt that i had to be true to myself. As such, I have decided to end my column with this Tuesday.

I thank Sri Padmaraj Dandavati, Sri Gangadhar Mudaliar and Smt Neela Gowda and the entire editorial team at Prajavani for having given me this wonderful opportunity. Hopefully, i will restart writing columns when the heart and mind sync once more.